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In 1964, Tokuden invented and commercialized the first induction-heated roll and now specializes in manufacturing energy-efficient and environmentally clean Induction-Heated Jacket Rolls® for use in high-precision thermal processes including laminating, coating, calendering, thermal drawing, and heat setting for high-quality films, nonwoven fabrics, paper, plastics and many other materials.  Since we custom design all rolls to meet the client’s specific needs, Tokuden assists in delivering greater productivity and efficiency.

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Jacket Roll® Features

  1. Wide Temperature Range—Precise control in 1°C increments from 40°C to 420°C.
  2. Uniform Surface Temperature Distribution—The heat-pipe principle maintains a uniform temperature both axially and circumferentially, whether or not a thermal load is applied.
  3. Compact, User Friendly Electrical System—Jacket Rolls® use only electricity as a power source; minimal footprint.
  4. Clean, Low-Maintenance Operation—Because there is no oil, vapor or combustible material to leak, operation is clean, safe and low maintenance.

Other products include chill rolls and a Superheated Steam Generator capable of producing steam at up to 700°C.

Based on continuous advancement of our superior uniform temperature and temperature control technologies, Tokuden remains committed to responding to the needs of clients in a variety of industries around the world.  We look forward to partnering with you in developing innovative products and advanced technologies.

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